Technotronics Best-selling controller

Сontroller for remote reading electrical energy, water, other utility meters and monitoring of various parameters.

The device has 4 pre-configured ports. Each port and each function can be activated separately.

Functions available:

1.png 2.png remote utility meters reading (water, electricity and other utility meters) and power control 
3.png 4.png temperature and humidity control
5.png 6.png opening control / shock detection / vibration control
7.png 8.png remote control of electrical appliances/restart hangup equipment

Software options

CUBE-IP ports description

  • PORT 1: alarm sensor input (any sensor with dry contact output)
  • PORT 2: impulse meter input with phase failure detection (fixation of meter impulses absence for some time – power input failure)
  • PORT 3: input for temperature and humidity sensor
  • PORT 4: restart output (optional ping restart, open collector output, equipment automatic restart via additional module)

CUBE-IP has very compact size (80х50х35 мм) and can be easily installed without any special technical skills.

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