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For foreign partners

«Technotronics» is a Russian company which develops and manufactures monitoring systems of various parameters. We’ve been cooperating with large Russian and CIS countries enterprises since 2005 in the following areas:

  • industrial automation;
  • energy systems control;
  • telecommunication boxes monitoring;
  • control of wells and cable line facilities;
  • IoT and Smart city etc.

«Technotronics» product range includes more than 140 devices for different monitoring tasks. Among them:

  • сlimate control (temperature and humidity);
  • battery and diesel generator set monitoring (temperature, voltage, amperage measuring, etc.);
  • remote control of electronics and restart of equipment;
  • remote meter reading;
  • safety functions (fire control, leakage control, opening control, access authorization);
  • data receiving and equipment control through digital RS-232 / RS-485 interfaces.

Software options

  • Software «Technotronics.SQL» for solving complex monitoring tasks
  • Internet monitoring and accounting service cloud.ttronics.ru for simpler tasks
  • Integration with customer's software via SNMP or ModBus (discussed separately)

Hope our offer will be useful to you. Ready to answer all your questions.

For cooperation please contact us:


+7 (342) 256-60-05

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